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A little about train journey- 2

A beginning note- Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful soul bearers out there!

And now, the continuation of the train journey…

In the previous post, I had dotted down about the express train travel.

This one is about the local trains. When I say local trains, the first thing that comes to my mind is, ‘I’m being squeezed, save me!’ That is how it goes..

The scene appears quite as this—The more boisterous platforms, where the college going guys and office going people with their light-weight bags, stand there, waiting for the trains they everyday step in. The young lads chit-chat standing and sitting, few home- less men and women sitting in the corners, wearing rags, few changing the platforms using the railway tracks, the vendors shouting to make sales, and few of them stand clueless as if they are not sure about their lives! Amidst all the chaos, the train approaches, as if not caring about any of these, and makes a halt.
Wait…. Diamonds inside the compartments? People rush in like that. Pushing, kicking, hitting, making way, they manage to put their foot in the train and never care about others. Once they enter, their attitudes hit the opposite pole, as if they’re the calmest of the calm on the earth.
Few get places to fit in themselves, few of them stand!

It’s not always like this; mostly it is. Sometimes, on the holidays, it’s very easy and not at all crowded as the working and college going chaps get cleared out.

I personally need a fresh life every time I travel in the locals and by the end of the day, I fall on the bed like a corpse— tiredness!

Every day’s experience is different. Something interesting might happen one day, something funny the other day or even something terrifying or scary! One of my friends had a very funny experience (it was embarrassing for her, that’s a different story). As usual she fit in the ladies’ compartment and it was time for her to step down as her destination was just a minute away. The main problem while stepping down is, people get in and get out at the same time, leading to many clashes and mostly no one compromises and they fight to get in and get out!

My friend has a problem, once she starts coughing, it takes a lot of time to stop. And unfortunately, she started to cough badly! Her stop arrived, she was coughing, closed her eyes tightly, and she bravely stepped down as people behind her were pushing her out! OKAY. Stepped down. But, down on what? She unluckily stepped on a fat lady who was just going to get it in. The lady too didn’t stop as she didn’t realize and lifted her leg to keep it inside. And, that’s it. THUDDD…!!!
This is what others heard. Here the fat lady, lies flat on the platform and on her, my friend, still coughing. They managed to get up, coughing on that lady’s face, and literally she ran away without even apologizing! She was embarrassed to the core. And when she tells it to anyone, what people do is to laugh out loud, including me!

Even I’ve had a lot of such experiences. Should I embarrass myself? Not now certainly. Anyway, more than the local train journey, the express train travel is peaceful – I feel!


Someone, please, save her.

A winter morning, she wakes up when the mobile’s alarm is doing its duty for the third time. She curses her life for keeping her alive a day more. Struggling out of her bed, she gets ready to go to her school. As she walks downstairs carrying her evil thoughts she checks and rechecks by thinking whether she has taken everything needed. Shivering when the cold breeze hits against her body, she moves forward where her van picks her up. It’s still dark, pitch dark. The thought of what she has to face that day sickens her more than the blackness does. The van, which is usually stuffed with children, like it’s pregnant from years and has never delivered any, is in which she has to travel. That suffocates her more than the polluted air does. The smog strangles her thoughts too, making it deadlier than ever. She thinks, Someone save me….

To escape from everything, she looks up and around to find some relief in the infinite space; she finds herself netted and trapped under the communication wires, cables and tall man-made structures. The tree, sunrise, sunset, rainbow, ocean, lake, garden, flower, rain.. – few of the words that exist just in her dictionary. She has mastered the art of crying aloud without a tear and the expressions being seen. She’s terribly stuck up in the modern world which she loathes about. That is when her van comes.

She fits into it, searching for any soul with whom she can talk to. How will she find any person today, when these many years’ trial was in vain! Before solitude haunts her, the destination is reached. Now her real battle starts because this is where people ask her to do what they want (she hates that). Her desires stay confined. She opens her book and instead of words and sentences, she finds terrifying pictures of the haunting days ahead she has to live. Feeling to shout on top of her voice, not being able to study, not being able to talk to anyone, not being able to enjoy this modern life, not being able to digest when others are imposing their ideas on her, she laments. Her deadly thoughts are now curbing her senses, leaving her evil, completely evil. She thinks, Someone save me….

She doesn’t like to watch movies or television programmes, party hard, live a mechanical life or live, just because she’s alive. She wants- someone to talk to peacefully, to admire nature, to live the life her way, to escape from the things that haunt her, but not knowing what it is! She thinks, Someone save me….

Then she decides something sitting in the class. Something big. Something very big. To escape from all the worst, terrific and deadliest negativity, she finds a solution.

She leaves her place, starts running. No one there even cares. She runs up the stairs, panting, still runs, because she has gotten a solution after all, which is going to solve these many years’ struggle.

She reaches the terrace, the 5th floor. Without even giving a thought, she manages to get on top of the railing.

She stands still, closes her eyes tightly and starts counting before she jumps. 10…. 9…… 8… 7…. 6………




Here, I fall from my bed.

Feeling BLUHH. A dream. I say, “Dream – you can’t be more horrible” as i get up and go to the powder room to splash some water on my face.

Relief means, THIS. I experienced the deepest of relief when I woke up. I saved her finally.