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her past

ranting out loud
the words
cursing her immature heart
of her past self
three years later- now
even she’s against her
dusty untouched past
which once ached for support
she throbs as
ugly unfettered dreams haunt


The Unidentified love

She wanders every morning in her lawn which was positioned right in front of the biggest mansion of the town. It had water lilies, tulips, chrysanthemums, roses, a pond and a few mango trees. She felt their presence, ruling out her solitude, bringing in solace. The sandalwood furniture, silver spoons and gold plates, stone studded sculptures, linen curtains, plush jewel boxes, artsy interiors, and the ever ready servants – were always meaningless to her! She always felt crammed in the bungalow, like a trapped rat!

Only in the mornings she was allowed to be in the lawn; she was warned otherwise- her possessive father’s strict orders. She never needed any of these costly possessions. She just needed a happy family. Little did her father know about this. She missed her mom a lot. Ignorance of the importance of parenting by her dad made it even worse. She wanted to be like her friends. Happy with the family- going on an outing once in a while, spending time talking, giggling, playing with siblings.
She mostly finds her dad depressed when he’s at home. At other times, he gets self-centered and ignores her. She has tried many times to convey her feelings to him, craving for love. At other times, she wonders- ‘Is it a thing to be asked for?’

She once asked him, “Dad, do you really love me?”

He was surprised. He stopped flipping the pages of the newspaper, reacted vigorously saying, “Can’t you see it? You’ve so many things which others can’t even dream of! I’ve got the best of everything for you and you still ask this question?”

His eyes were filled with tears suddenly. He then said, in a low tone, “You’re the only reason that I’m still alive. I love you, child.”

She has never seen her dad like this. All she did was to give him a tight hug and whisper, “You’re the best dad.”

She then wondered standing in the lawn the next dawn, how many people have pure love in their hearts but express it in a poor way, failing to reap the results of the amazing relations! She never complained about her dad again, even though things remained the same.

Every place has an unidentified love which when identified can change one’s life!
People, please keep searching for it before it’s too late!