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In Search Of Him

you have heard many stories
of pines and cedars
but this:
a scene of loss,
my fingertips tremble
and freeze as i touch
the rose gold fountain pen
i blink twice
my smoky lids as i
explore him
on the papers;
so unfamiliar with my language, sheets
quiver as I stride my nails on
letters and words search for fervour
as i even think of him
on a paper
under fading pink skies
amid the pines
in a word, letter
for you and me
he is new
and gone, long gone


The Unleashed Secrets

Her unleashed secrets once again took over perfect places on the paper. Each sentence she wrote contained in itself a mystic truth of her life.
They withheld the story the world wanted.
She looked behind submissively as if the heap of words told her to. Swiftly, she crumbled this sheet of paper too, adding it to the heap. Her eyes gleamed with satisfaction.

The mosaic flooring was used to this.