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In Search Of Him

you have heard many stories
of pines and cedars
but this:
a scene of loss,
my fingertips tremble
and freeze as i touch
the rose gold fountain pen
i blink twice
my smoky lids as i
explore him
on the papers;
so unfamiliar with my language, sheets
quiver as I stride my nails on
letters and words search for fervour
as i even think of him
on a paper
under fading pink skies
amid the pines
in a word, letter
for you and me
he is new
and gone, long gone


two roses

the cockatiel
 doomed and nestled
in corner of the grey metal cage, saw
 the responsible
lady for, this falling ambience
failed to cover
 anguish— her black ball gown
satin, as her
he cannot do worse to her heart

fearing him
and a situation
of past
walking down the cellar
she befriended darkness
riotous thoughts gushed
that eerie dusk
when two roses were extended
confessing his love
it itched her abandoned

to her—
it felt new
bewitching to bear
for love was outlandish
as death is
 to us

A changeover!

I need this changeover.
Figuratively, going behind the woods! I changed mine into a mysterious profile. Although few of you recognize me well now, I felt I need to put a halt to everything over there and become ‘The Mirthful Moon’.

My actual name’s literal meaning is ‘full moon’, so the name ‘The Mirthful Moon’. I’m very new to blogging even though I created this blog two years back. I hardly used it till now. Recently I hopped back here, and I’m having a jolly good time (I’m one big fat sarcastic moron) recreating it, making up for the silly mistakes I had done like- To put up my real name, photo. I feel this as a mistake because I always wanted to have my own crazy creations different from the existing ones!

The main reason behind all these mistakes was that I explored blogging on my own. I didn’t enquire anyone and tried out anything and everything on it. There was no other way than learning from my own mistakes.
I’m having a quite busy schedule right now. Get ready peeps- I’ll be bombarding my blog with amazing posts after a week. 😉

With lots of love and kindness,

The Mirthful Moon.