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In Search Of Him

you have heard many stories
of pines and cedars
but this:
a scene of loss,
my fingertips tremble
and freeze as i touch
the rose gold fountain pen
i blink twice
my smoky lids as i
explore him
on the papers;
so unfamiliar with my language, sheets
quiver as I stride my nails on
letters and words search for fervour
as i even think of him
on a paper
under fading pink skies
amid the pines
in a word, letter
for you and me
he is new
and gone, long gone

to find you once again

amid the canopy of shallow hearts
she discovered you
to the beat of her footsteps
singing, you walked towards her
to pallid destination, too
starting to ink you down
you seemed like an endless abyss blinding her veins from capturing yours
her scribbles of dusk were woven in corner
she scribbled
for it to stab you
walls ached for space
lone, filled with arid emotions
she walked furthermore
probing your intention
isn’t it you who should test?
on a berm
she lost you, abrupt
a thing she feared
under the flickering yellow
still walking over
hoping to find you
once again

A huge NO to Bollywood.

I sit on the sofa going through the pages of Indian express and that is when I ask my mother:

“Mom, why am I never able to watch a Hindi film?”

Then what I heard is a giggle. She said, “How do I know?!”

And that is when I thought to try it out. I picked up the TV remote and put on a Hindi channel. Some *random* movie it was! Not more than 5 minutes before the TV was switched off!


I remember the times when my friends keep discussing about the Bollywood hits and the recently released songs, and I sit like some dyslexic person out there not knowing what to speak!

Ask me to talk about Tamil and Malayalam movies. And make sure to buy ear plugs, because I won’t be stopping. I can’t say I don’t watch Bollywood stuff at all. I’ve watched movies like Kahani, Queen, Tare Zameen Par, Slum Dog Millionaire and a few more. But……… Not all the movies.

The action scenes and illogical melodramas of Tamil movies and ‘to the core reality; heart-melting’ Malayalam movies never fail to fascinate me. You got to believe me, I even watch the flop films. But, what stops me from watching the Hindi ones? It irritates me, I can’t stand more than a scene.

Am I the only person like this in the world who doesn’t watch movies of a particular language? Does anyone else share the mystery story as mine?

I don’t know if this will change in the future. But, it remains as weird tag in my life!

Umm… Hollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood- Fine.

But, Bollywood? A HUGE NOOOOOOO!!!!! (for now at least)