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Girl With Roseate Scarf

Girl with roseate scarf
walking along the glowing streets
astound by unusual view
feeling the emptiness wear off
glaring light bulbs
earthen lamps, sprightly
on each building
hoarding all imperfections.

Girl with roseate scarf
feeling every bit as new
failing to notice earlier
making it unusual
has her cached soul, now open
to her lover, holding her hand
owing him these merry moments
that once were in sickening shivers.

Girl with roseate scarf
letting her soul wander as a blithely beast
exploiting this freedom
soaking in bliss, festivity added glitter
for she has never seen the world this way
love was the magical potion, i say
making her shred languid seconds
and has nothing connately.

His Motherland’s Gift

farmer threshed
chaffs cracked
grains dismantled
his sweat of poverty
wet the mud
he dreamt to come out
of a poor’s debris
as his feeble legs shivered
in sweltering heat
he ignored his hut
for moments
so as to escape-
diseased wife
cracked roof
tough walls of debt
his harvest too
reaped losses
all doors shut
so he withdrew
dropped down
attack gave lesser ache
than what his motherland

This poem outlines the condition of many farmers in India. It is an everyday crisis.
Strong and heartfelt prayers to every farmer who spend their lives to protect every soul from hunger and starvation.

They’re angels in disguise.

I was colourful, for a day.

Every year, the ‘Holi’ festival arrives during the exams and every Indian student beautifully manages to celebrate it in spite of the exam tensions.
And then, here is me, who was in a dilemma, whether to celebrate it or not.

This year, the situation was a bit different— new people, new place.
Is this festival going to break the newness? I never knew!

Holi , the festival of colours, is celebrated among Hindus and nowadays is popular amongst everyone! In Maharashtra, the festive season goes this way— Firstly, it’s starts with a bonfire (celebrated in the memory of Prahlada’s victory over his aunt, Holika), that is Choti holi (Small holi)
and the next day the actual Holi is celebrated (Rang panchami).

The bonfire
The bonfire

Colour powders are sprinkled and spurted, rubbed on each others’ faces, people are drenched in colour water, water missiles (pichkaris) and guns are used to shoot water and throwing water balloons on others is the ultimate joy!

This festival is too close to my heart because it allows you to mingle with everyone; rich or poor, strangers or friends, without any age bar. This time, I got many new friends.
On the eve of Holi, that is on Bonfire, people came in, prayed to the lord and performed few rituals.
We’ve never had any such ritual in the South of India. So, I sat there closely watching the things and captured few of the moments.

Each time I play Holi, the festival puts me in wonder! So much joyous it makes us.

After all the merriment, it made me recollect my past years’ celebrations! I used to play it with my friends, they made it memorable. They used to give surprises; secretly hiding and throwing water balloons, grabbing the face and making it colourful, dancing on the beats of our favourite songs while spurting colours on each other.

The things can’t be the same always, but this year’s was something different and was lovely!
Ahhh! I was drenched in the joyous colours of yellow, purple, gold, pink, green……

A little about the train journey.

When it comes down to the topic ‘train’, every Indian has to have at least one stirring experience. Especially, of the local trains.

Even the express train travel has its own charm. As soon as we get into the train with our family from the busy, noisy and filthy platforms, we try to get adjusted in the seats, sliding the luggage under it and confirming that our co-travellers are not irritating! The smallest one of the family then demands and fights for the ‘window seat’, the eldest one checking if everything’s fine and then we all get excited as the train begins to crawl on the rails! People try to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that moves opposite, a few try to photograph it and a few are never interested in the sceneries. Little do they know about the worth of India’s enthralling bounties! The vegetable farms, barren lands, forests, villages, types of soil, children playing, rivers, ponds, small huts, women pumping water…. Ahhh! The scenic view goes on and one can’t stop staring out… Resting the elbow on the sill and the palm on the cheek, people sit there relaxed as the air hits the face. The unkempt and noisy compartments where the wrappers, orange peels are scattered, water spilled on the floor, a wailing baby in the same compartment, and the sudden roar when another train passes by, all these are the common encounters if you travel in an express train. When you’re travelling from one state to another, not only in the scenery you see the change, but also the change in food stuffs sold by the vendors who get in when the train halts at a station. It’s still fun. And if you travel in AC coaches, sad to tell, but be sure you’re missing all the merriment.

And coming to the few who are never interested in the panoramas outside; they too enjoy.It’s too much soothing to have headphones on with your favourite singer singing to you, having a handful of eateries and enjoying the journey! And a few with the books in their hand.. Man! They’re creating their own world. Do Not Disturb. Period. I’ve to admit that, whatever we do in the train turns out to be a fete. Like, all I did once was to – Eat, Sleep, Eat, again Sleep, and Eat again, Sleep and there you’re! Your destination. It feels like you got a reward, to rest, for so much hard work you’ve done in your life till now. In the trains, we even never fail to spend some time on playing. Be it with our friends, or with our family, we enjoy playing cards or any such game.
That’s how the story goes.

Once when I was travelling, the train stopped at a place because there was a crossing and we had to wait till the other train went by. Ours stopped in front of a sugarcane field and we knew that the train is not going to depart soon. We got down with few of our co-passengers, brought few sugarcane sticks, had a good time having them. My taste buds still crave for it. We never know what’s waiting for us in a train travel. It’s so much exciting in spite of all its shortcomings. No wonder train journeys are liked by almost everyone!

To be continued, soon…