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I was colourful, for a day.

Every year, the ‘Holi’ festival arrives during the exams and every Indian student beautifully manages to celebrate it in spite of the exam tensions.
And then, here is me, who was in a dilemma, whether to celebrate it or not.

This year, the situation was a bit different— new people, new place.
Is this festival going to break the newness? I never knew!

Holi , the festival of colours, is celebrated among Hindus and nowadays is popular amongst everyone! In Maharashtra, the festive season goes this way— Firstly, it’s starts with a bonfire (celebrated in the memory of Prahlada’s victory over his aunt, Holika), that is Choti holi (Small holi)
and the next day the actual Holi is celebrated (Rang panchami).

The bonfire
The bonfire

Colour powders are sprinkled and spurted, rubbed on each others’ faces, people are drenched in colour water, water missiles (pichkaris) and guns are used to shoot water and throwing water balloons on others is the ultimate joy!

This festival is too close to my heart because it allows you to mingle with everyone; rich or poor, strangers or friends, without any age bar. This time, I got many new friends.
On the eve of Holi, that is on Bonfire, people came in, prayed to the lord and performed few rituals.
We’ve never had any such ritual in the South of India. So, I sat there closely watching the things and captured few of the moments.

Each time I play Holi, the festival puts me in wonder! So much joyous it makes us.

After all the merriment, it made me recollect my past years’ celebrations! I used to play it with my friends, they made it memorable. They used to give surprises; secretly hiding and throwing water balloons, grabbing the face and making it colourful, dancing on the beats of our favourite songs while spurting colours on each other.

The things can’t be the same always, but this year’s was something different and was lovely!
Ahhh! I was drenched in the joyous colours of yellow, purple, gold, pink, green……