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sweating palm
i let you crawl into my
so close that
choked, poisoned
me but,
my dying light
is a spark
transforming to fire
burning your raw flesh
before you even notice


Swooning with the stranger in you

You find so many things on the way. The withering leaves, shrivelling tree bark, gaily faces, drooling ones, tender leaf blade that just saw an inch of land, a sand grain holding a bead of sweat, a surgical knife with blood that many are living for, two ignorant eyes with false hopes, a harassed soul, a soul with a bunch of hard earned notes.. and many different strangers ..

Out of all these, we are all a stranger to ourselves, few interesting lost pieces, trying to find ourselves in others. Every day, every moment, we try to find the self. A beautiful stranger indeed. There are more to these tiny, imperfect things that we find on our way. To find the mysterious, creative stranger in you, look more into things, in an enrapturing way. There’s a different meaning to what you see in others. They’re broken because of something, they’re not greedy since their birth, there’s beauty behind their ignorance, there’s a flow of lines behind every broken heart. Go, find it- you’ll find yourself. A new stranger.

When I see a broken heart, I’m just a stranger helping it fix. I find a fallen leaf and I’m a stranger who’s admiring its imperfections. I’ll be swooning, with my first hard earned award in my hand and I’m that stranger who blushes looking at her love.
Just, a stranger, trying to mend your soul. By a smile or by whatever it takes.

Learning to swoon with the stranger in me, you helped me find it. If I’m a ruptured soul, dear stranger, will you help me mend it?

to find you once again

amid the canopy of shallow hearts
she discovered you
to the beat of her footsteps
singing, you walked towards her
to pallid destination, too
starting to ink you down
you seemed like an endless abyss blinding her veins from capturing yours
her scribbles of dusk were woven in corner
she scribbled
for it to stab you
walls ached for space
lone, filled with arid emotions
she walked furthermore
probing your intention
isn’t it you who should test?
on a berm
she lost you, abrupt
a thing she feared
under the flickering yellow
still walking over
hoping to find you
once again

The Farewell

The more she accepts her flaws, the more flawless she becomes—   cost to lose a man with such weltanschauung.
The striped olive green shirt was his choice for that day, an unintended blunder. Her favourite shirt was used up in such a wrong situation making it harder for her to bid farewell. A timid silence occupied the air.
Only their threads of love, faith and intimacy would keep them bound through the distance. She hoped for a fairy tale twist that moment— he should stay back and live together happily ever after. His aroma gave a jolt and brought her to the actuality.
More time spent by each others’ side increased the complexity of parting.

It was not a day certainly, for the expected fairy tale twist.

Creating A Fabric – Of Hope!

I knew that he had something serious to tell me because he didn’t act normal that day and I could feel it, strongly. It was drizzly, he was staring intently. Probably something else was running through his mind.

Looking at me, he knew I was ready to listen to him and that I was demanding for it. That was a silent virtual thin wire connecting our hearts. We interpreted each other in silence. “Why do I always lose?”, he broke down saying that. His suppressed agony had been torturing him for years. I’ve never seen him like that. “I never achieve anything great and I’m not worth anything”, he continued.

I interrupted him, asking a simple question that made him speechless. His heart shattered into pieces thinking about the number of years he wasted.
He needed a justification for that, a reason to accept his flaw and I succeeded in providing one.

I asked him, “Can you tell me what really is your ultimate goal that you’ve been striving for?”

He didn’t have a clear answer to this question. He has always strived to achieve greatness. In the journey of being a great, famous and a successful person he forgot that a particular path should be selected to travel upon.
I told him, “You should create a connection between you and your goal. That is when the first strand of the fabric piece will be created. Aim for that and this will help you create more virtual yarns to weave, to create a masterpiece. The piece of fabric you create will help you reach your goal. Stronger the fabric is, surer your success is. Each virtual atom of your strand is the positive energy you’re putting in. Energy can’t be false, can it? It is upon us that how strongly we create the energy in our favour. Keep the goals high and make sure you’ve no confusion whether that is your goal. If you are confused, then the energy you build up will also be feeble enough to put you in a trap, a pothole.”

He was trembling, slowly processing the matter that he received. He needed more of it, I sensed it.

“You are in that pothole now. Don’t get scared to keep a higher aim. The bigger your fabric is, the more you achieve. The dedication and hard work to work upon it are the tools that help you weave your energy into a fabric piece. And remember, on the way you may come across many who praise you. If you take a stop to enjoy the offer, wait for better results, your journey ends there! To keep working is the only mantra to move ahead to gain satisfaction in life”

He smiled. I gave out a sigh of relief. I reached him, gave him a tight hug, pointed out at a sapling and said, “Trusting in your goal helps you create the energy, the positive vibes. Positivity will never ditch you! If there existed no energy or hope in this planet, that plant won’t sprout from a tiniest chasm”

He kissed me on my forehead, promised me and said, “I trust you, lady”