Winter. I Love You.

Its one of the toughest and most irritating jobs to wake up early on a winter morning. Oh ya ! I know very well that its contradicting my title. But still, I love winters.

My eyes popped out as I glimpsed my mobile. ‘6:40’ it appeared in bold.ย  Oh, Its late again ! I got up, got dressed up and realized with a shout (which is a daily routine) of a familiar voice, (Mom’s ๐Ÿ˜€ )that I don’t have enough time to break my fast. I decided to pack the stuff up and vacate the place before I hear something unbearable about me from my mom. Tie in one hand, identity card in another, ufff… ! With complete energy I ran to the place where my school bus collects me. I was happy though. “On time”.

These are the days when we experience the scenes of fairy tales. Fog and mist everywhere. And us, In between that ! woooohhh…. ! In the sky…. That will be your feeling. One of the best feelings according to me is going out without a winter gear on such days, I mean its AmAzInG ! Just amazing! I always fancy doing it. You won’t believe. It has been three years since I have worn any winter outfit. I was catching sight of things standing like a spectator on my bus-stop. Everything was covered with fog and mist. I stood there planted to the ground wondering silly things. By then, I heard a familiar horn, coming towards us (bus-stop mates) with its head lights on which fights through this fog and mist to spot things in front of it. This helps my bus mama a lot. At last, I stepped onto my bus and started towards our school. Its a matter of 20 minutes or so to reach our destination. I got a company to stare out now. My friend and me go crazy spotting people and things on the way ! Some times peacocks, sometimes flop cocktails (no way I can tell what is this.. Its our secret ๐Ÿ˜€ ) . And then a few turns and finally a turn which leads to our school. We can normally view our school once we take that final turn. But this was not the case today. Haha.. ! The school’s not seen because of the fog. We proudly declared. It has vanished. A breeze of happiness in everyone’s heart. Hell yes.. ! We aren’t stupid to think that the school really did vanish. But, if this is a matter which brings a smile on our faces, then what stops from thinking it the way we want ! We did ! We had a good time chattering about it. A sweet feeling in our minds that we are traveling through the sky ! An incredible feeling which cannot be brought even by a costly gift.

Winters- When it gives us such pleasant moments, why should you spoil it by getting into thick clothing and cursing the cold winds ! Go ahead, enjoy what nature gives and start wondering strange things like us. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have nothing else to tell you winter. I just love you for this !


This is still an optimistic soul !

Some unforgettable time
Which bound me
With a melancholy rhyme
In that rainy evening.

Unaware that it was the last time,
For I can see the same,
Who was absolutely responsible for that bind;
Waving at her, unaware, of last time in the actual form.

Expecting her arrival on the fourth day,
Still counting, the third, on my finger,
Ecstasy filled my heart that evening,
unaware of anything !

While many expectations surrounded me,
A phone bell rang in,
Breaking all the silence,
The person on this side got to know,
But me! Still unaware of that Bad news.

That night I was left out alone,
digging in all my expectations,
Here came my unwanted visitor,
rolling down my cheeks as usual!

It has been months now,
still having, a tonne of sadness,
Which my little heart bears.
Time to Wonder- This is still an optimistic soul !!

Dotting down my feelings, experiences and imaginations.