A recipe

Look who’s commending tots
grownups, to snuff out selfishness.
But, showing contrast
greed gridlocked in minds.

I wangled solution- to devastate self-indulgence; a recipe
quite widespread, verily
mostly swallowed up for advice
others by a hair, follow.

When one’s self is worshipped,
things end up abode.
Accepting this world as a roof    

alone commences the recipe.

Being munificent
gaily and contented.
Counting on the things
still in the world, they’re
 form the ingredients, when ensembled.

Goes this way, the procedure-
 Draw in warmth
when given lavishly, like
you succumb when snapped up riches.

Recipe’s peculiarity,
“once red tapism’s abided,
 it’s perfected, on own”
is the garnishing.

Formula’s akin as of love and respect
 the more remitted
bountiful we receive
– the magical embellishment.

A bitter, naked truth
Most, never adopt
albeit, recipe’s so communal
 luckless folks, failed to espy the garnish.


Lost gems of my crown.

Those days were precious. When we friends used to hang out for anything and everything. We just needed a reason to have fun. “Mom, Math exams are approaching. Can we study together.? and for social sciences..?” Mom you know that we are weak in Physics right? Why don’t you let us study together, ma ? And, that’s it.. Exams became a reason. To be very sure, this was never really to fool anyone. Yes, we plan having a desire to study, we meet having a desire to study, but we never know what happens once we meet. We have crazy moments together.. Umm.. From a pretty long time, I’ve been telling “We’ve” .. We are 5 of us. Best friends forever! Out of us, one is a book-worm, so leaving her, we all 4 end up doing time pass. We are fun-lovers, but the beauty is that we get good grades. May be not top grades; above average. But we enjoy studying together. The moments of happiness when we accomplish something together. Miss it all..

I don’t find any use in taking tension to score good grades. I’ve personally experienced, enjoying while studying releases the stress of vast portion. We never regret now that we’ve not enjoyed enough. I’ve seen people doing it.

And about our hang-outs- the streets of Rajarampuri to RK nagar, Cafe Coffee Day to Dominoes, sleep-overs to theatres, we haven’t left any! And the pranks we did and the jokes we cracked filled our lives with happiness.

 I can say, it’s not any common chain of friendship among us, like others have.. We understand each other more than anyone else does, the VERY rare fights, that too silent ones and the uncommon things between us which we’ve always enjoyed, makes me miss all these a lot now!

5 Sophomores together, ALWAYS, need to tell about the mood? It was AWESOME. I hate the way fate separated us. Its really hard to find the lost gems of my crown. I haven’t lost them from my heart for sure, nor they’ve! But just their impressions are left out on my crown. Long distance communications is still keeping us tied, still, who can ever replace those price-less gems!

#Dedicated to my four friends – Sheetal, Sakshi, Nupur, Urmi. Love you all.

A Scary ride ?


On scary ride,

Sibs tagging along

As marvel it did sound.

In spite guard’s summons

Showed up in dilemma.

Usual scenario espied

On a six- seater,

Embarked with jerk.


Evil wizard as in fairy tales;

A lantern clutched, to scare tried he.

Wayfaring advanced

Us, sat tight, to get frozen

Screamed, for sake did we.

Oh! It’s a scary ride

Reminded to ourselves,

Poker faces, maximum.


Graphics as ghosts,

Artist’s works-  cobwebs, corpses

Fell short as whole.

Seconds in silence, Thud! A fall.

Ironically ended, Yes, it was scary!


Life in Silence

On a blissful dawn; a flower
Capturing the feel
Of god’s bounty!
bloomed in a man’s kingdom

being a new comer
In this mysterious planet
soon realized the tricks
Used by selfish dwellers.

Here it got a name,
completing the next mission,
Attracting the creatures
who robbed the sweetness

A silent announcement swayed,
end is near; it gloomed
faces frowned, fragrance lessened
Which merely was a flower before,
Is now our ‘dear’ !


WARNING!!! – If you have assurity that you won’t get confused or irritated after reading this, then continue. Read this at your own risk.

I was fine, till the second someone planted a new thought in my mind. I guess this happened past few months. It disturbed me.I’d never thought in that way. They (my friends) made me think and I was forced to anticipate the results if that thing really happened. I bet it wouldn’t have created much influence on me  if  the person related to the thought did not exist. I could say, I was distracted.

In the starting it was fun for all and for me too. I never thought things would move this serious. I really can’t mention what it is.. ! Neither can I stop this matter here. I really thought the things would move the same for many more years. But No.

It didn’t. Is it my curiousness ? Or just my stupidity to change the things the way they were !  If things have decided to continue in this way, mark my words ! I would no sooner remember me! I am scared if all this is right. No doubt that I pray everyday to get the things cleared because this has seriously messed up my mind. I’ll be ‘ME’ only when I get few questions answered.  When will that day come ? Am I going in a right way ? What I did was for benefit or it depressed me ? Many more. !!  May be one fine day I’ll feel to tell what that thought is. But for sure, today is not that fine day 🙂 .

Dear Readers, Confused and feeling lost ? If a single paragraph can confuse and irritate you so much, why to make things complicated as such? This is one’s state when they get confused. All the thoughts in mind get churned.  Remember! This is never a solution. So, whenever you get a problem, make sure you don’t mix them up, instead be clear. Analyse things properly and go ahead. Have a good day.
Darn. I so badly rot at advising. I just tried it out.
I sound really bad and so do others. Hope people realise like I did.

But still,

Its an indirect killer “Confusion” . “KILL IT” before it “KILLS YOU

Winter. I Love You.

Its one of the toughest and most irritating jobs to wake up early on a winter morning. Oh ya ! I know very well that its contradicting my title. But still, I love winters.

My eyes popped out as I glimpsed my mobile. ‘6:40’ it appeared in bold.  Oh, Its late again ! I got up, got dressed up and realized with a shout (which is a daily routine) of a familiar voice, (Mom’s 😀 )that I don’t have enough time to break my fast. I decided to pack the stuff up and vacate the place before I hear something unbearable about me from my mom. Tie in one hand, identity card in another, ufff… ! With complete energy I ran to the place where my school bus collects me. I was happy though. “On time”.

These are the days when we experience the scenes of fairy tales. Fog and mist everywhere. And us, In between that ! woooohhh…. ! In the sky…. That will be your feeling. One of the best feelings according to me is going out without a winter gear on such days, I mean its AmAzInG ! Just amazing! I always fancy doing it. You won’t believe. It has been three years since I have worn any winter outfit. I was catching sight of things standing like a spectator on my bus-stop. Everything was covered with fog and mist. I stood there planted to the ground wondering silly things. By then, I heard a familiar horn, coming towards us (bus-stop mates) with its head lights on which fights through this fog and mist to spot things in front of it. This helps my bus mama a lot. At last, I stepped onto my bus and started towards our school. Its a matter of 20 minutes or so to reach our destination. I got a company to stare out now. My friend and me go crazy spotting people and things on the way ! Some times peacocks, sometimes flop cocktails (no way I can tell what is this.. Its our secret 😀 ) . And then a few turns and finally a turn which leads to our school. We can normally view our school once we take that final turn. But this was not the case today. Haha.. ! The school’s not seen because of the fog. We proudly declared. It has vanished. A breeze of happiness in everyone’s heart. Hell yes.. ! We aren’t stupid to think that the school really did vanish. But, if this is a matter which brings a smile on our faces, then what stops from thinking it the way we want ! We did ! We had a good time chattering about it. A sweet feeling in our minds that we are traveling through the sky ! An incredible feeling which cannot be brought even by a costly gift.

Winters- When it gives us such pleasant moments, why should you spoil it by getting into thick clothing and cursing the cold winds ! Go ahead, enjoy what nature gives and start wondering strange things like us. 🙂 I have nothing else to tell you winter. I just love you for this !

This is still an optimistic soul !

Some unforgettable time
Which bound me
With a melancholy rhyme
In that rainy evening.

Unaware that it was the last time,
For I can see the same,
Who was absolutely responsible for that bind;
Waving at her, unaware, of last time in the actual form.

Expecting her arrival on the fourth day,
Still counting, the third, on my finger,
Ecstasy filled my heart that evening,
unaware of anything !

While many expectations surrounded me,
A phone bell rang in,
Breaking all the silence,
The person on this side got to know,
But me! Still unaware of that Bad news.

That night I was left out alone,
digging in all my expectations,
Here came my unwanted visitor,
rolling down my cheeks as usual!

It has been months now,
still having, a tonne of sadness,
Which my little heart bears.
Time to Wonder- This is still an optimistic soul !!

Dotting down my feelings, experiences and imaginations.