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WARNING!!! – If you have assurity that you won’t get confused or irritated after reading this, then continue. Read this at your own risk.

I was fine, till the second someone planted a new thought in my mind. I guess this happened past few months. It disturbed me.I’d never thought in that way. They (my friends) made me think and I was forced to anticipate the results if that thing really happened. I bet it wouldn’t have created much influence on me  if  the person related to the thought did not exist. I could say, I was distracted.

In the starting it was fun for all and for me too. I never thought things would move this serious. I really can’t mention what it is.. ! Neither can I stop this matter here. I really thought the things would move the same for many more years. But No.

It didn’t. Is it my curiousness ? Or just my stupidity to change the things the way they were !  If things have decided to continue in this way, mark my words ! I would no sooner remember me! I am scared if all this is right. No doubt that I pray everyday to get the things cleared because this has seriously messed up my mind. I’ll be ‘ME’ only when I get few questions answered.  When will that day come ? Am I going in a right way ? What I did was for benefit or it depressed me ? Many more. !!  May be one fine day I’ll feel to tell what that thought is. But for sure, today is not that fine day 🙂 .

Dear Readers, Confused and feeling lost ? If a single paragraph can confuse and irritate you so much, why to make things complicated as such? This is one’s state when they get confused. All the thoughts in mind get churned.  Remember! This is never a solution. So, whenever you get a problem, make sure you don’t mix them up, instead be clear. Analyse things properly and go ahead. Have a good day.
Darn. I so badly rot at advising. I just tried it out.
I sound really bad and so do others. Hope people realise like I did.

But still,

Its an indirect killer “Confusion” . “KILL IT” before it “KILLS YOU