‘You Are My Hero’

She pulled open the draw to put back her stationery. Accidentally, her eyes glared at few familiar papers, the bearer of evergreen stories. She couldn’t stop herself from picking those up— this has happened for the tenth time. She blushed until her plump cheeks were tired.

The slightly pulp-coloured papers smelled of him. Until she could feel his aroma in her bones, she kept it close, bound to her. His words were full of vigorous vibes nudging her soul, beckoning to be a part of him forever. The distance condensed in seconds, but from within. This condensation, of love, is a stand apart. Beating the theories of science, tears rolled. The water-proof ink on the paper couldn’t smudge though it was moved by her love.

This time, the tears were with grief. Each time she partially builds up her dream castle, it demolishes. She’s brave, that’s what she considers and builds it again. Every dream had the same fate. The evil doubts bubbled up whether the fate really wants them to be together. To live everyday in a relation with his soul seemed to be a struggle.

In a corner of her head she had this— ‘It’s us who directs and acts the life’s drama. So the drama would be my creation. I can’t blame the fate if I gave my role to it. Whatever I direct now, will happen any moment. ’

A while later, she realised that each letter’s last line read the same— “You’re my hero. Be one forever.” A one sided smile cracked up the salty patches on her cheek and she mumbled, “Damn, I’m the protagonist and I never knew it.”


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