The Blue Blossoms’ Love Story

As it dawned crisp, he came out of his tiny cottage, on the South Western Ghats. ‘This mountain has the most beautiful love story’, he thought as the vivid sight grabbed him with its charm. This might be the thousandth time he was thinking it. The lovers envied, of him inclusive. The mountains waited for twelve years for the kurinji flowers to make love with it. The land, with its unbelievable patience never gave up instead waited to get beautified by the amazing blue blossoms, to be drenched in the tints of blue.
He was still a student, who had been learning to be patient and chivalric from the nature’s humble example. His doctorate thesis seemed trifling. As he shared the wait with the land, waiting for his lady to be back, he felt happy for those iconic land-floret love makers.
He could feel those flowers smiling back at him, when a lady walked out and handed him a glass of hot savoury tea.
They smiled, because their student had passed the real examination of life.


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