Dating Darkness

She drew upon the wine coloured silk curtains, inviting darkness, a perfect match for her life. Her black laced gown elevated the mood, ambiance and her soul. She craved for the oneness with dark, wanting to shut the ignorant world behind.
Black was her weapon – to prove the world its inferior eminence.

In her vanity, she found the bed, laid down. Closing her eye lids, she enjoyed her date with dark.
They eloped, later.


2 thoughts on “Dating Darkness”

  1. My exquisite friend,

    You have a gift for creating intense depth of richness, of realness, yet also of mystery, even with only a few penetrating words.

    Thank you for inviting me into your writing today – I’m so humbled that you did. I feel like you are opening a door of sorts in exploring just how powerful your talent really is.

    It is a rare thing to be able to give readers something solid to cling to and yet still cloak it in the ethereal, the just out of reach. Your mind is fierce.

    Whatever you do – don’t stop. Write the scary and the stuff that makes your palms sweat. Write what sparks off your bones, angel.

    You’ve got it.

    So much love,


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