I Am An Amazing Sculpture

We sat on the shore, watching the waves dance to the tune of nature. I looked at her illuminated face, a kind of thing only she possesses, and she said, “I’ll answer all your questions now.” I’ve been asking those to her more often lately and all she does was to give a witty smile and ignore, making me feel as a nosy girl. But this time she did; she looked away from me and spoke in a husky tone- but it sounded sweet – “The first day of my school taught me the things. I spoke in English all the time as I had no other choice, unaware of the local language. I spoke what I knew and I was mocked at. ‘Get a life, girl. Go, learn to speak English in a proper slang.’ – a girl yelled; these words still keep echoing in my ears. The class bawled and I was devastated.”


Thoughts in my mind as she told this— A sculptor (the lord) has sent an unfinished sculpture into this world. It needed a few touches here and there to make it a marvel. He found its features imperfect; He took a chisel and began His work. The sculpture felt the ache; it loathed Him. Later, it was surprised to see the perfect features – never knew it was because of that pain.


She continued, “I built up the vigour in my heart to learn English. The vigour turned fierce. I could feel the heat of the fierceness, to protect my self-respect. A poem I started with, then another…..one more…. At first, my writings were to satisfy my hunger of revenge. Later, I felt it useless. I wrote for me and my writings turned out to be more elegant. Maybe, I had the potential to do all these. Once, while all these were happening aside, I was told, – ‘Don’t you know to hold a brush?’ I was in the Art room of our school, and the girls giggled. Painting is a part of my life and that’s why I couldn’t face the ridicule. This made me observe the things intently. I improved my art skills, achieved and received recognition over the years.”


Thoughts in my mind— The sculptor decided to make it look polished and unique (from within in real sense). He scraped the extra bits and carved designs to embellish it. This gave an intense pain to the sculpture again— It cursed the lord, in spite of the optimism it has. It turned out to be amazing, attractive and unique.


“After these instances, I faced many hardships. I kept carrying on. I didn’t lose the zeal in me. I had a hard time recognising my well-wishers. I got my wings, my magic wand- that’s my confidence, to face any hard time that comes by my way. I feel bad for not getting the thing I dreamt for, in this school. It even made me think that the appraisal I got was fake as it didn’t lead me to my final goal. But I was told that, life doesn’t end here, and my creativity is not bound only till the school’s walls; one day, I’ll shine like an ever-glowing star. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy now. Certainly I’m- ready to shine anytime I get a chance. I’m already glowing, just finding a dark place to spread my light, to brighten it up with what I have.”


Thoughts in my mind— Finally He made a beauteous sculpture. It was being admired, loved and praised. Few even tried to misuse it. It didn’t get a perfect place to be established though. The sculptor’s work is over. It is unique and polished, now the carved thing has to find its adobe— maybe a millionaire’s lawn, or a temple, or even in a solitary place. It depends upon the sculpture’s efforts. For now, it lies there, unnoticed, ready to glow— any moment!


I smiled at her. It felt as if in just few minutes, I received a pot full of wisdom lessons. Suddenly, all my pains gained a whole new meaning. This feeling clutched me in its fists, making me think that my hardships were full of opportunities. I saw the positive vibes rushing towards me in the form of sea waves. It washed us. I am a new person now, with more zeal and confidence – an amazing sculpture!


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