From a boy’s diary

“It is okay honey, it happens. Don’t get worried”, I said. I was trying to console her even though I didn’t know what really happened.
She normally prefers to keep things to herself, gets angry if anyone interferes. I still loved her, pretended to stay happy with her. I was even wearing her favourite pair of shirt and trousers that day! I knew that she didn’t love me back, but I pretended to ignore it. That was my mistake.

Standing near the poorly carved door, whose slivers were pointing out, she remained quiet plucking each sliver she could. I gathered courage and thought I shouldn’t leave it. So, I went to her, placed my palm on her left shoulder staring into those big round eyes, the familiar eyes that I trusted. The dingy room was the only witness of the things that happened.

I calmly approached, “Please tell me the problem you’re in, I promise, I can solve it.”
All she did then was to push away my hand, walk out shouting, “You! You are my problem, you broke all my relations.”

I stood there stunned. The sun rays found the path through the slightly open window, hit my face, as if I had some sudden light of realization.
Why did I lose myself; my respect, when I knew she never cared. Now I fought with my soul and tried not to ignore the bitter pang of realization. I dropped down on the floor with a fuzzy mind and decided to move on. One of the bravest decisions I’ve ever made.

But, somewhere in my heart, I still had the room for her, which could never close…


9 thoughts on “From a boy’s diary”

  1. Lovely. Yes this happens quite often now. One side loves and the difference in understanding. And the century old trouble “Girls don’t know what they want.”

    Nice writeup. If there are any follow up on the progress and realizations ?

    1. Thank you so much.Story ends there and the rest is left upon readers’ imagination.
      And about the ‘century old trouble’ that you’re talking about, it is certainly not true for all. You can’t generalize it.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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