As The Chrysanthemums Bloomed..

She can’t think of it now about how she gained the courage to send her son and his wife out of the home who disregarded her every single time. She feels relieved now, though her affection towards them holds her back to the memories. They were always behind money, relations never mattered to them.

She’s just left off with the house now which her husband had built for them. A beautifully carved arm chair is another thing she has in remembrance of her husband. He had skilfully carved it on their seventeenth wedding anniversary.
As she had to prevent solitude from haunting her, she took up her gardening hobby seriously. She had failed to grow a chrysanthemum garden properly and this has been her dream. Especially, her son loves chrysanthemums and lately she never succeeded in growing them! She toiled all day in the garden, took utmost care and when the sun sinks in the horizon, she’s on her armchair, her mind occupied with the past. The days passed by this way, and the garden never improved.
She started losing interest in it. This time, nothing was there to encourage her.

‘For whom am I doing all these?’, she thought!
A pint of hope was left by which made her continue the work. The garden progressed. Ecstasy multiplied as she saw the saplings shoot up. Those gave her a fresh feel of life. She started to feel the crispness of beauty. And finally, the flowers bloomed. She rejoiced every flower of the garden and to her— each flower was a different chapter in her life’s book.
She finished a day’s work and went to rest on her arm chair, as usual. She still had a room for melancholy as she missed her son who loves chrysanthemums. She thought of it for a moment, and closed her eyes. The open windows, the wind, the blue curtains, even the arm chair were unaware— that, those eyes would never open again! Her wrinkled face gloomed as if it held much unrevealed pain.

Life has many twists and the lord’s plans are unbeatable. In fact, after a couple of hours, a gate creaked open, her son came running inside, stood stunned, to see a garden full of chrysanthemums. The flowers stood as if it all bloomed to welcome him, to show him something. He felt the guilt intensely prick his heart. Still, gleefully, he took big steps towards the door, shouting – “Mom, I’d never leave you again. I’m back mom. She betrayed me.” His tears rolled down his cheeks out of joy. Only the walls, curtains and the armchair knew what was going to happen next. He found his mom, on the arm chair, shook her, cried out merrily and the curtains and walls witnessed his tears slowly transforming into a cry of grief.
He held his mom tightly and cried, ‘‘Please come back mom.’’ He was dismayed.
Yes, the chrysanthemums revealed something as said before. Some lessons of life.


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