A note to my friend.

#Dedicated Post

Good old days!
These days, I often catch myself pondering about the nostalgic thoughts. It doesn’t mean that I’m living in the past. The past memories are so crisp that it motivates and inspires me to move further.
The memories about my friends I mean.
I had previously dedicated a post for them, ‘The Lost Gems Of My Crown’
But this is something direct, to one girl.
It’s her birthday tomorrow and all I can do now is to dedicate a post— Hey, you’re afar there!

I’ve to consider myself lucky, very lucky because I’ve heard people say that it’s hard to find good friends. May be because I had never experienced such a situation, I didn’t know its depth.
But now as loneliness has crept in and no one is there for me to ask— ‘Hey, why are you gloomy? Cheer up girl!’ I realize that she was a real gem!

We’ve had heaps of good times. The last bench fun in the class rooms, the sleep-overs, the long walks, the selfless talks….. it goes on. When I was with her—

I was never laughed at on my mistakes,
I was inspired to paint and draw more,
I was lent a helping hand,
I was never let down,
She made me feel beautiful always,
She made me braver,
She made me feel comfortable with the life,
She made my presence feel worthy and valuable!

What more a person needs in his/her life?! It’s much more than the paper notes and the coins can offer.
I’m proud to have such a pure relation – no one can buy it, no one can beg for it.
I was in a very bad phase of my life a few years back! That is when I had to manage things alone for a year. She knew all the hardships I faced. She was my right hand at that time and wiped away my solitude as much as she could. We laughed and were gleeful as much as we could! We fought and won against the hard time together.

Hey my Hardy, (Just because she’s fat and we’re funny)
This is not something you should shed your tears on! Please, don’t get sentimental. I’ll meet you soon, as soon as possible.. Keep waiting! And no doubt, you’re my gem and we’d never lose each other. Many more happy returns of the day.
Your Laurel. (Just because I’m thin and we’re funny)
P.S- This is not at all an exaggeration. In fact, I wasn’t able to express my feelings completely. I’m stumbling out of joy!


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