A huge NO to Bollywood.

I sit on the sofa going through the pages of Indian express and that is when I ask my mother:

“Mom, why am I never able to watch a Hindi film?”

Then what I heard is a giggle. She said, “How do I know?!”

And that is when I thought to try it out. I picked up the TV remote and put on a Hindi channel. Some *random* movie it was! Not more than 5 minutes before the TV was switched off!


I remember the times when my friends keep discussing about the Bollywood hits and the recently released songs, and I sit like some dyslexic person out there not knowing what to speak!

Ask me to talk about Tamil and Malayalam movies. And make sure to buy ear plugs, because I won’t be stopping. I can’t say I don’t watch Bollywood stuff at all. I’ve watched movies like Kahani, Queen, Tare Zameen Par, Slum Dog Millionaire and a few more. But……… Not all the movies.

The action scenes and illogical melodramas of Tamil movies and ‘to the core reality; heart-melting’ Malayalam movies never fail to fascinate me. You got to believe me, I even watch the flop films. But, what stops me from watching the Hindi ones? It irritates me, I can’t stand more than a scene.

Am I the only person like this in the world who doesn’t watch movies of a particular language? Does anyone else share the mystery story as mine?

I don’t know if this will change in the future. But, it remains as weird tag in my life!

Umm… Hollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood- Fine.

But, Bollywood? A HUGE NOOOOOOO!!!!! (for now at least)

5 thoughts on “A huge NO to Bollywood.”

  1. I love Bollywood movies! 😀
    Its an easy escape from reality though common side effects would include turning into a love sick idiot 😛


  2. I’m there with you 🙂 but I wonder how they make business, I hope just because most of the people in India speak hindi, they can watch and that’s making a market 🙂 same pub song, a family song where whole relatives will dance 🙂 and some or miss the time it’s item looking girls lol, I have many reasons to hate, movie should make me feel, they fail to do so with me

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