Lost in her thoughts

There it sits by the window, the rocker
its arms handsomely carved. So stunning.
Fetching anyone’s attention; a girl’s it did,
seated with nostalgic thoughts of her man
whilst her eyes rejoiced the panorama
Cool breeze added the feel
failing to blow away her mind;
it indeed, swayed her silky longish hair.
Her soul- memorised the lasting times she had, with her dear.
afar he is, unable to put across the love
so, as images they assumed, heart throbbing,
millions of imaginations in few minutes.
Had to pause, on spur of moment
as her mom’s call interrupted.
Forcibly entered the present world
Supressed feelings as such, always the both did
Oh, this is one way that love hurts, they realised ‘together’
bridging the gap, in their imaginations.

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