My Binocualrs

I was in 1st grade when I kept nagging my mom always to get a binocular for me. I didn’t know from where I did catch the binocular fever or if someone induced the thought of it in my mind. I’ve just seen the toy binoculars which are usually on the sale outside the temple premises in the South of India especially in Tamil Nadu. And once I see, I speak up my signature dialogue (as it had become)

“Amma, enakku vangi tha” (Mom, buy me one)

I start jumping and then she promises to buy me a good one later. Following that, an ice-cream or a cotton candy distracts my mind putting an end to my obsession. I not only ask my mom to get it for me, but also to my aunt and uncle who used to stay in foreign. At first I felt very awkward and embarrassed to ask them even though I was just a toddler. Because I’m always a shy-type person when it comes to, ‘demand something for free’ even if it’s to my parents. But I kept asking them whenever we get their phone calls.

Once when I was in 4th grade, we were in Secunderabad (twin city of Hyderabad) and they had come to visit us. To my surprise, they had bought me a good quality foreign binocular.

I was amazed to see it. Because I didn’t really know anything about it except a vague idea that I can see the farther things too close to me. I didn’t have a digital camera or an advanced phone then. Probably that’s the reason I was attracted by this magic device. I can say, I even forgot about that by the 4th grade because that was just another thing in the pool of things that fascinated me. My curiosity doubled. I saw every possible thing through it. The sun, the moon, the flowers, the mountains, the number-plates of the vehicles parked farther, carried it on all my trips, the details of the buildings, the roads, the people, the birds, every single thing possible.

Sometimes it’s too much embarrassing to recollect some instances. 1. Because I felt that I’m investigating some case. 2. I felt like a junior CBI officer finding out stuff which will reveal mysteries. 3. I spied into people’s flats. (Much of a bad job, I know, I realise, I don’t really regret because that was childhood fun but I’m now feeling awkward). 4. I’ve flattered many of my friends in my childhood boasting about my wonder instrument. Huh.

*This list of embarrassing moments goes on, so I’ll give that a halt* SIGH.

I still have the awesome instrument with me, I adore it. It’s not like the cameras, smart phones, laptops or tablets.

It’s a lovely feeling to have an instrument which runs without any battery or charge but doing wonders, being very different from that of others’. I feel powerful with it. Thanks to my uncle and aunt.


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