My addictions.

This is me and all these sum up my life to an extent. I was so much exited all the way while writing about my addictions. Go on and see it for yourself.

Addiction 1- Coffee

Yes, yes. I can survive on coffee for the whole life if required. Its lovely pleasing smell and the way it satisfies the taste buds, so much heavenly (I’m falling short of words.) It just coaxes me to do my job; me being lazy usually.

Do you know? Coffee is my fiancé. He just works out without interfering in any of my work like an oily food does (I can’t help if he has a crush on me). The oily foods spoil my mood, make me restless and create a chaos inside. Annnnnd, coffee? A handsome decent gentleman.
P.S- You’ll surely get our wedding’s invite soon. I don’t mind any of you calling me Mrs. Coffee.

Addiction 2- Going places

I thought to name this as ‘travel’ at first but then I even love walking a short distance. So the name ‘going places’ is a best fit. I want to explore, I dream of it every day. I’m like a newborn in this case. Because, every single time I visit some place, I stand there perplexed admiring god’s creations. The same enthusiasm every time and I feel like capturing the whole world in my camera. Really a selfish bean I’m. My dream and aim is to travel places and admire the beautiful original things of god and the intellectual creations of men all around. Travelling, new places, new people, new lifestyle, new things- so much of distinctions occupying my mind.

P.S- This is the ONLY time I whole-heartedly listen to any sort of music, and I like to travel alone or maximum with two people around me.

Addiction 3- Chocolates.

Hey everyone, meet my boyfriend Mr. Chocolate, Now say ‘Hi’

Tall, dark and handsome. Yes, I’m in love with dark, big (tall) and handsome chocolates. I’m so much lucky enough, he loves me back. It’s a long-long love story but for now just know that, I had a crush since my childhood and from past 7 years or so we are put up with each other. I flirt with Mr. Chocolate whenever I find time. Any problem?

P.S- You feel that I’m betraying Mr.Coffee? You’re absolutely wrong then. Chocolate being my boyfriend turned to my fiancé, Mr. Coffee.

Chocolate Alias Coffee.

Addiction 4- Art, books and peace.

These three are inseparable triplets in my life. Believe me, they make the best combination which can turn your life into a paradise. At least it worked out for me. I admire artistic people, I want to be one and I’m working upon it. I admire all the authors, poets and their imaginations and I’m really trying hard at being one again. And then, peace. I am being selfish here, I know. But I really need peace everywhere. “Aye Peace wali Mausi, Kilo kithne ka hai?” – I’m planning to do this, anyone accompanying me?

P.S- Money, diamond, jewellery, or any damn thing is meaningless without peace. I’m addicted to it. Period.


In the future, I’d like to go places with Mr. Chocolate alias Coffee and explore the world of art, books and live in peace. DOT.

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