A recipe

Look who’s commending tots
grownups, to snuff out selfishness.
But, showing contrast
greed gridlocked in minds.

I wangled solution- to devastate self-indulgence; a recipe
quite widespread, verily
mostly swallowed up for advice
others by a hair, follow.

When one’s self is worshipped,
things end up abode.
Accepting this world as a roof    

alone commences the recipe.

Being munificent
gaily and contented.
Counting on the things
still in the world, they’re
 form the ingredients, when ensembled.

Goes this way, the procedure-
 Draw in warmth
when given lavishly, like
you succumb when snapped up riches.

Recipe’s peculiarity,
“once red tapism’s abided,
 it’s perfected, on own”
is the garnishing.

Formula’s akin as of love and respect
 the more remitted
bountiful we receive
– the magical embellishment.

A bitter, naked truth
Most, never adopt
albeit, recipe’s so communal
 luckless folks, failed to espy the garnish.


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