Lost gems of my crown.

Those days were precious. When we friends used to hang out for anything and everything. We just needed a reason to have fun. “Mom, Math exams are approaching. Can we study together.? and for social sciences..?” Mom you know that we are weak in Physics right? Why don’t you let us study together, ma ? And, that’s it.. Exams became a reason. To be very sure, this was never really to fool anyone. Yes, we plan having a desire to study, we meet having a desire to study, but we never know what happens once we meet. We have crazy moments together.. Umm.. From a pretty long time, I’ve been telling “We’ve” .. We are 5 of us. Best friends forever! Out of us, one is a book-worm, so leaving her, we all 4 end up doing time pass. We are fun-lovers, but the beauty is that we get good grades. May be not top grades; above average. But we enjoy studying together. The moments of happiness when we accomplish something together. Miss it all..

I don’t find any use in taking tension to score good grades. I’ve personally experienced, enjoying while studying releases the stress of vast portion. We never regret now that we’ve not enjoyed enough. I’ve seen people doing it.

And about our hang-outs- the streets of Rajarampuri to RK nagar, Cafe Coffee Day to Dominoes, sleep-overs to theatres, we haven’t left any! And the pranks we did and the jokes we cracked filled our lives with happiness.

 I can say, it’s not any common chain of friendship among us, like others have.. We understand each other more than anyone else does, the VERY rare fights, that too silent ones and the uncommon things between us which we’ve always enjoyed, makes me miss all these a lot now!

5 Sophomores together, ALWAYS, need to tell about the mood? It was AWESOME. I hate the way fate separated us. Its really hard to find the lost gems of my crown. I haven’t lost them from my heart for sure, nor they’ve! But just their impressions are left out on my crown. Long distance communications is still keeping us tied, still, who can ever replace those price-less gems!

#Dedicated to my four friends – Sheetal, Sakshi, Nupur, Urmi. Love you all.


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